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Who We Are & What We Do

Shakes the Dust Hope Consulting is based in Yellowknife, NT, and specializes in facilitating culturally respectful, safe processes in traditional healing and wellness. Through the provision of awareness and support, we assist individuals in becoming their own choice makers. We empower and encourage self-responsibility for individuals to become harmonious in all aspects of self; body, mind, and spirit.

We also specialize in Indian Residential Schools impacts and trauma recovery, including Inter-generational impacts. This includes addictions, recovery, suicide prevention, traditional/cultural healing, and traditional knowledge. More specifically, we engage through the following:

  • Engagement

  • Crisis Intervention

  • Early Intervention

  • Prevention

  • Intervention

  • Process: Trauma, Grief, Healing


Both leaders are quite flexible, designing each program by responding to the expressed needs
as requested, and including the dynamic of the community, organization, group, and/or

Beverley Hope

Bev is of the Swampy Cree people from Grand Rapids, MB, on her mother’s side, and is of Scottish/English descent on her father’s side. As someone of mixed lineage, she offers herself as a bridge of understanding between both worlds.


With 30 years of cumulative experience as a child and youth care work, and a social worker, Bev has been successful in all facets of service delivery. Her career has taken her from grass roots frontline work to leadership roles within different community, government, no-for-profit, provincial, and territorial organizations. Complimenting her abilities in contemporary educational settings, Bev is also very experienced with differing cultural, traditional, and “on-the-land” teachings.


Bev started her career in the North, leaving for educational purposes and having always planned to return "Home" to give back and be of service. Having worked in BC, Alberta and the NT, Bev's experience acknowledges the varying teachings amongst differing nations, communities, families, and individuals. Justly, she holds a deep respect for the uniqueness and distinction of each. 


Bev sees it as a deep honour to work within a community to make her programs a safe and meaningful experience. She flourishes by making each experience significant, real, and validating the worth of each participant. 


Bev acknowledges the words of her Elder, who shared that laughter is the best medicine and the #1 healer, in all aspects of her life: "Although there is serious work to be done, we can still laugh and enjoy each other in the present." As such, and in line with her teachings, Bev is always prepared to share in fun and good laughs.


Frank Hope

Frank is a South Slavey Dene and a Residential School Survivor from Liidlii Kue' (Fort Simpson). Frank understands and lives his traditions, speaks his language, and is a self-aware confident person who knows the strength of his abilities.


He has a sound awareness of his culture, including the cultural diversity of the northern territories: the NT and Yukon. In addition to his living knowledge of the appropriate protocols of First Nation, Metis & Inuit traditions and values, Frank has a detailed understanding of the history and impacts of residential schools to compliment his working knowledge of the best healing practices across Canada. 


Frank has 15 years of experience in social justice as lead suicide prevention trainer and as a certified addictions counsellor. He also has 6 years of experience as a parole officer in justice and corrections, as well as a community liaison with the Aboriginal Healing Foundation (AHF). Within this time, Frank developed residential school survivor’s program services and best practices, moving into delivering mobile psycho-educational trauma recovery healing programs as a residential school specialist. Most recently, Frank has been working with the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada as the NT/Yukon Liaison. 


Frank is reputed for being a strong public speaker, facilitator, and trainer. Throughout all of his career, he has been, and continues to be, dedicated to his people. Justly, Frank is motivated to assist when, where, and how he can. He sums up his lifetime and experience in saying "It is a meaningful journey to work with my own people. I am always humbled by the strength and history of who we were, still are, and the beauty of our young people... our future."


Combined Experience

Along with formal training in our areas of specialization, both facilitators are Trauma Recovery Specialists having the Taking Flight International Trauma Recovery Certification acknowledged by the Canadian Association of Trauma Recovery Providers (CATRP). 


Both facilitators are in the process of working towards internship at The Haven to attain Certification in the Haven Counselling Skills (Cert HCS). Both have completed the Come Alive Series, Phase I-Relationship with self. Bev completed Phase II-Relationship with other, sexuality and identity. Frank has completed 90 hours in Satir's Journey to Self & Family Reconstruction Workshops. Frank has completed 100 hours of Satir Training in Levels 1 & 2 including the Theoritical Base and the Family Reconstruction Process of the Satir Model both led by Maria Gomori. 


Both are dedicated to personal development to serve people in the most respectful and proficient way. 


Important to note, you can only take people as far as you have come yourself in respect to healing and wellness. 

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