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Community Based and On-The-Land Programs

We strive to create and maintain safe, non-threatening environments for individuals to give expression to their life experiences, and to share their stories from a cultural and traditional perspective with facilitators that are culturally knowledgeable and capable.

We have accumulated many years of grass roots experience and knowledge through working with communities and organizations across Canada. Specifically, we’ve spent a lot of time delivering community-based and on-the-land programming for youth, adults, and families in the North, Southern urban areas, and rural West


The on-the-land programs offer an opportunity to explore our spiritual heritage, and to acknowledge the traditional values of our ancestors. Also, we endeavor to include the guidance and wisdom of local, traditional, elders to compliment the teachings and activities within our programming. Through our cumulative experience, we know that individuals who have been impacted by trauma benefit in their healing process by infusing culture as a means of healing.

A Shining Example: One example of our highly successful, culturally inclusive, on-the-land programming events was when Shakes the Dust Hope Consulting delivered two Early Intervention, Prevention Drug and Alcohol pilot programs, for Decho youth in 2014. The event, split into age groups of 12-15 and 16-19, was designed and delivered to include art therapy, dance movement, music, on-the-land skills, and leadership. This innovative event blended contemporary ideals of healing with elements of culture and traditional teachings to create blended programming that suited the youth while proving to be highly successful all-around.

Cultural & Traditional Teachings

In line with various cultural teachings, we are mindful and respectful of the different regions and their communities. We are aware of and acknowledge the differing cultural protocols when entering other traditional territories. We also acknowledge that some teachings are traditionally gender specific, and we are able to approach such matters in a culturally appropriate and respectful manner.

In any area, local community members and elders are our greatest resources. As such, they are always invited, and willing to share their cultural and traditional skills. Furthermore, the Dene Drum and Feed the Fire Ceremony are designed into our programs, where relevant to the local culture and region.

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